Patio Fire Pit Magic

With a nice, imagery setting from the patio the only thing that was needed is something new to bring some excitement to the place, and that would make everyone enjoy an evening on the patio. I knew form my experience that many people use a patio fire pit as a way to spruce up an otherwise drab looking social setting. A fire pit can be used as the centerpiece of a patio.

When we finally went to buy a fire pit, my friends started getting excited, and when all the family helped install it the excitement peaked. I spent the first, gala evening of the patio fire pit with my friends, and left the next day, ever since that day I am getting weekly photos of different social activities and family meetings in the new, much improved part of the house, I think they can thank the patio fire pit.

The house has been built about 40 years ago, it was in a good condition, the kitchen and the living room has been redone a couple of years ago, and the old lady that lived in the house took excellent care of it, there was not much to be done, or in fact, not much important work to be done. One part of the house was a little let down and that was the patio, and I immediately thought about a patio fire pit when I saw the front of the house.

I talked with my friends and asked if they will be interested in a patio fire pit, they were interested, but clearly not excited, I took it as a mini project to finish this work before I leave, and considered the essentials for the patio fire pit, space is an issue because a fire pit will be putting out a lot of heat, so if the patio is small, you cant buy a large unit. A simple, small patio fire pit will be a nice addition to this patio. In terms of practicality I needed to think about the sitting area, so the fire pit can set it in the middle of the sitting area, and people will not get too hot.

Here is a nice fire pit story. A few weeks ago I visited a friend that had just moved into a new house with his family, with not much of a budget he wanted to make the most of his few first months in the new place, he wanted to add something to the house that would give it a personal touch and add an identity to the place, so that the whole family could feel that this is actually the new home and not a replacement for the old house.