Dangers Of Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can be a nice addition to your home, but you have to be willing to take the extra precautions that are necessary. Unlike a barbeque grill, gas or charcoal, that sets several feet from the ground, an outdoor fireplace is low to the ground. As such, it can not be used near the house or on any kind of combustible surface. As long as you’re willing to take the extra precautions, it’s something you can certainly enjoy with a great deal of pleasure.

An element of danger exists with all types of fireplaces, but the potential danger is even greater with portable fire pits, possibly because they are not as permanent as an indoor fireplace. Because a fireplace exists within a structure, it must adhere to existing building codes, but a portable pits relies on the homeowner to make sure that it is used in the safest way possible. The importance of safety when using outdoor fireplaces can never be stressed too much as is apparent in an article that appeared online about a family who sustained $50-$60,000 in damages as the result of a fire pit that was being used on a wooden deck. The patio stones that had been placed underneath the fire pit were unable to prevent the transfer of heat to the deck boards, and the structure caught on fire.

Outdoor fireplaces are usually built into or against a wall, and though this is the most expensive method, the price will depend on your choice of design: a ready built unit or decide to have one custom built. No matter which way you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere between just a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars and up for an outdoor fireplace.

In order to assure safe operation and reduce the dangers of outdoor fireplaces, it is recommended that they be kept away from anything that is combustible and not placed any closer than ten feet from the house or other combustibles. Additionally, before retiring for the night, the homeowners should ascertain that the fire is completely out.

Outdoor Fireplaces Can Add Fun To The Backyard

More and more families are reacquainting themselves with the fun staying and home and entertaining has to offer. Whether this is by personal choice or it’s deemed best for finances, the reality of the matter is staying at home and having a little backyard fun can make for some great memories. One of the things that can be added to the landscape to really kick up the entertainment appeal of a home are outdoor fireplaces.

Professionally designed and even homemade outdoor fireplaces can offer a lot of perks for a regular backyard landscape. They can be made to serve a number of different purposes, too. Here are some of the top reasons families consider these fireplace creations:

Providing a way to make a backyard truly spectacular, outdoor fireplaces have a lot of practical purposes. Beyond their looks, these devices can be great for cooking, heating and more. Generally more affordable than their indoor counterparts, these designs can be as elaborate or as simplistic as a homeowner might desire.

Outdoor fireplaces come in two basic types – those that people make themselves and professional installations. Both are more than acceptable to use, but it’s important to make sure these fireplaces have proper screens and grates, are designed to contain the fire correctly and offer proper ventilation. It’s also a good idea to ensure they are located in a place where any flying embers won’t cause a fire hazard and do keep small children away from them when they’re in use.

* Beauty. Outdoor fireplaces can be nothing more than beautiful things to look at. Those who enjoy sitting in their backyards over the indoors often add these to the landscape to create a conversation peace for friends, family, and guests.

* Heat. Many geographical locations are just a little too nippy to enjoy the outdoors for too long. Outdoor fireplaces can extend the ability for a family to enjoy dinner on the back porch for a few more weeks going into the winter and even longer. For this alone, many families find backyard fireplaces great choices to add. They are also wonderful options for use at “bonfires” as they tend to be a bit safer.

There’s just something comforting about lining up chairs and a table in front of an outdoor fireplace for outdoor entertaining. When included in full backyard kitchen designs, these can be amazing to have around.

* Affordability. It is often simply a lot cheaper to add a backyard fireplace to a home than one that’s included on the inside. Since they won’t require structural changes to the house, these are great choices for those on a budget that still want to enjoy the beauty of a fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces that are built correctly can double as cooking devices, too. Depending on the size and design, an outdoor fireplace might even work as a brick oven for making outstanding, outdoors pizzas and more, too.

The Outdoor Fire Pit Ring

As in all things the fire rings cost money, and need some maintenance, but the great thing is that in this particular case they are easy to build, cheap to buy, have almost no maintenance costs and last for a very long time. Some of the nicest fire rings on the market cost no more than a few dozens of dollars and are portable, meaning you can move them around, from you backyard to another location or from place to place in your property.

Fire pit rings can be bough at most do it yourself shops and connected to gas or by using a natural burning wood you can build yourself a nice and easy outdoor fire place that will make you and your guests very warm and happy during the cooler months of the year. What can be nicer than a warm burning fire and some friends to pass a night of companionship, in this simple camp like environment we easily go back to our childhood and spend some quality time with the family and your friends.

The fire pit ring was originally a simple stone structure that encompassed a burning fire so the flames would not go uncontrolled and cause damage to the surroundings or people that used to sleep around it, even today you can find a lot of people who have different methods of constructing special stone fire pit rings, maximizing the potential of the fire and its burning time.

This portable quality of the fire pit rings makes it a sweet feature in every house, especially if you got kids that would be happy to have a family fire once in a while and roast some delicious marshmallows, or taken to the woods or beach for a nocturnal adventure. Many of the fire pit rings have an extra feature, a metal bar that can be used for cooking, making the fire pit an complete solution for the family cookout.

With the development and art of metal welding fire pit rings have become more durable and much more technical, this provided most people with a nicer solution to digging holes and building fire rings with heavy stones, this developed even more into a cooking stove in time of need by using the metal surface as a cooking platform.

There are many advantages to having a fire pit right outside your door, you should always keep an eye on the fire and remember that this is not something that you can leave unattended, you should also advise a certified plumber before installing any gas pipes and connections to other pipes.

Fire pit rings can make a very nice winter setting in your backyard or garden, not very complicated to set up and maintain, the fire pit ring is just like a regular fire ring only that you can build a fire pit around it and make it nicer to sit by and, naturally a nice feature in your property.