Outdoor Fire Pit

Having a campfire to enjoy on a cold wintery night in the forest is the perfect holiday idea. And when you have your close ones by your side, sipping on your favourite drinks and some snacks by your side, a little fire only adds to the fun!

Outdoor fire pits are an excellent way to have the perfect campfires and bonfire themed parties. They are the perfect way to relax on a chilly, nippy winter evening and the mess involved is lesser, it is easier to clean the space up after the fire is out, and the cost factor is also worth considering.

Moreover, outdoor fire pits are a much better way to keep warm as opposed to the idea of burning up a few logs of wood as the entire setup is haphazard and the fire will just end up dying out too soon. This is why outdoor fire pits are gaining more prominence today. They are simply a more organized, safe, mess free way to have a bonfire for much longer intervals.

Outdoor Fire Pit

DIY projects are more popular than ever today. And having your DIY Outdoor Fire Pit isn’t as challenging as it may sound. While companies do provide for customized fire pit assemblies they may prove to be a bit expensive to start with. Moreover, why buy a whole kit when you can make your own outdoor fire pit with minimum materials. Here’s what you will need. You could also use an outdoor gas fire pit using a gas connection with propane or natural gas if the option is feasible, mostly in cases of backyard bonfires. This option is much safer and you can also control the amount of fire while creating zero ash and also ensuring lesser smoke generation. Here we will help you create an outdoor gas pit using logs of wood, newspapers, dry leaves and other waste materials.

• Gravel/pieces of pebbles

• Paint

• Outline Marker

• Wood, Paper, Dry leaves and other combustible materials

• A metal ring

• A shovel

• Landscape concrete blocks/bricks

Step 1: Choose the area

When choosing a spot for an outdoor fire pit, you need to remember to keep it atleast 10 feet away from any buildings, trees, or combustible materials. Safety is of paramount importance when you’re making these fire pits as any carelessness here can prove to be fatal.

Step 2: Make an outline

After choosing an ideal spot for the Outdoor Fire Pit, you need to mark the borders of the area with a marker and have a tentative outline prepared. This will help you define the borders of the fire pit so you can align the bricks in an organized way.

Step 3: Dig up the ground

You now need to start digging the soil to upto 6 inches or more so as to accommodate the gravel. This helps fix and retain the fire pit and also helps accommodate the gravel in the ground which provides for drainage.

Step 4: Insert the gravel into the dug up space

Take the gravel or pebbles and put them into the dug up space. And fill them up till way above the area. This helps provide for drainage in case of rain, sleet, or snow so that the fire does not die down in these instances. Moreover, the fire stays up for longer time periods.

Step 5: Insert the metal ring above the mass of gravel

Have a proper metal ring which is placed after lining it with some paint. This helps keep the fire less messy and prevents any mishaps too.

Step 6: Put all the combustibles

Now assemble all the dry leaves, papers, wood, and other combustible materials into this setup. Make sure to put the smaller pieces including the dry leaves and paper in the bottom to prevent flying up of white ash while the outdoor pit is burning. Put the larger wood chunks above and make sure to arrange them in an orderly and organized manner.

Step 7: Start with the smaller logs first

When you start with the fire in your outdoor fire pit, it is important to start with the papers and then move on to the smaller logs and burn the larger logs in the end to prevent white ash flakes flying out from the fire. This also helps keep the fire alive for a longer time.

What are you waiting for? Make your own outdoor fire pit today!